Control of Infectious Diseases Policies and Procedures

Food Inspection of Institutions

Personal Services Settings Inspection

Residential Homes

Reportable Disease Follow-up/Outbreak Control During Office Hours and On-call

Distribution of Outbreak/Food Recall Bulletin

Outbreak and Infectious Disease Reporting Line

Waterborne Outbreak Investigation

Lab Results Reported After Business Hours

CID On-Call Responsibilities and Documentation

Infection Control Complaints

Most Responsible Person (MRP)

Suspect Food-borne Illness - Community Food-borne Illness

Uninspected Tattoo/Piercing or Other Personal Services Premises

Routine Practices for Client/Facility Contacts

Maintaining Boundaries

Designated Officer Reporting an Exposure of an Emergency Services Worker to Infectious Disease

Inspection of Funeral Homes

Inspection of Licensed Day Nurseries and Associated Programs

Reportable Diseases List Notification

Home Visits

Exclusion of Students During an Outbreak of a Vaccine Preventable Disease Identified in the Immunization of School Pupils Act, 1990

Infection Control and Complaint Inspections in Institutions

Ordering of Tuberculosis Medication

Tuberculosis (TB) Clinic

Dispensing of Tuberculosis Medication

TB – Immigration Notification Follow-up

Two-Step Tuberculin Skin Tests

Follow-up of Positive Tuberculin Skin Test

Tuberculosis Active Case Investigation

Deployment and Use of HEPA/UV Air Purifiers

Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) Weekly Report to the TB Clinic 

Sputum Induction

Management of a Client Emergency During/ Following a Sputum Induction

Protocol for the Follow-up of Emergency Service Workers Exposed to Infectious Diseases