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One in four people who have HIV don’t know it. During AIDS Awareness Week, November 25 – December 1, we’re reminding people there are free, confidential ways to get tested:

Red ribbon: the symbol for HIV/AIDS awareness

Thank you to all 1,477 participants who completed our survey about tattoos and piercings. Campaign image of two people with tattoos

Your responses will help us better support you to find safe ways to express yourself through body art.

We look forward to sharing results early in 2014.

The random winners of a $25 gift card will be notified individually by email or phone.

More information:

You don’t have to be pregnant to enter our online prenatal contest!

Tweet #onlineprenatal before November 21, 2013 and you’ll be automatically entered into a draw to win a family photography session with local photographer Stacey Kennedy.

A tweet is all it takes!

To enter: 


Three (3) winners will receive a gift certificate from Stacey Kennedy Photography. The certificate is good for a 1½ - to 2-hour photography session of the winner’s choice (family, maternity, or newborn). The photo session can take place outdoors anywhere in Wellington, Dufferin, or Guelph, or at Stacey’s studio in Guelph.

Contest rules

  • To win, you must live in Wellington county, Dufferin county, or the city of Guelph.
  • After the contest closing date (November 21, 2013), we will randomly select three winners from a list of all tweets using the “#onlineprenatal” hashtag and “@WDGPublicHealth”. Maximum one prize per Twitter handle.
  • Enter as many times as you like over the month, but to a maximum of once per day.
  • We will contact all winners publicly through Twitter. Winners must contact Public Health by email or by phone by Friday, November 29, 2013 to claim their prize. If a winner does not contact WDGPH by this date, another winner will be randomly selected from our list.
  • Winners must use their photo session gift certificate before November 21, 2014.

Employees (including volunteers and students) of Public Health and their immediate family members (siblings, parents, children) are not eligible to win.

Learn more about our online prenatal program, The Gift of Motherhood.

Screen shot of Gift of Motherhood online prenatal program

Thank you to all long-term care, retirement home, and childcare workers who submitted their favourite infection control tip. All participants were entered into a draw. The winners are:

  • Lisa from Woodland Glen Y Child Care. Her tip: “My children both attend school and I have attached mini hand sanitizers to my children's backpacks.  The children use the hand sanitizer in between hand washing.”
  • Cindy from LaPointe-Fisher Nursing Home. Her favourite tip:  “We are all in this together! Stop germs from spreading. Cover your cough and/or sneeze. Just clean your hands!”

We’d also like to PASS ON additional fantastic infection control tips contributed by contest entrants:

“I announce that I am washing my hands before I provide care.  I get great feedback from clients that they feel like I care for their wellbeing.  I then usually discuss them washing their hands too.”

“Just clean your hands!”

“We have hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the childcare, it is very popular with the parents as they are coming and going from the Childcare Centre”

“When working in the school setting (seeing many children at several different schools in a day), I would get out my bottle of hand sanitizer and together with every kid we would wash our hands before we started therapy. It meant my hands stayed very clean....and their hands were clean too!”

“Get your annual FLU SHOT!”

“Protection from infection starts with prevention. As a supervisor of the daycare I encourage the children to eat well and exercise. Our lunch and snack menu is approved by a public health unit dietitian in order to incorporate all of the food groups and nutrition a growing child needs. We also keep the children active with planned outdoor gross motor activities.”

“If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms stay at home! Don't infect your fellow co-workers!”

“Regularly disinfect commonly touched areas such as bathrooms, hand rails, and chair handles.”

“Cough into your sleeve, not your hands!”