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The OPP and our partners at Wellington County have teamed up to produce four short videos about safe driving.

Mennonite road safety video (45 seconds)
Share the road with buggies safely.

Impaired driving (43 seconds)
Impaired driving is predictable, preventable, and expensive.

Aggressive driving (48 seconds)
Aggressive driving is a leading cause of serious collisions in Wellington county.

Distracted driving (33 seconds)
Distracted driving kills.

More information: County of Wellington YouTube channel

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One in four people who have HIV don’t know it. During AIDS Awareness Week, November 25 – December 1, we’re reminding people there are free, confidential ways to get tested:

Red ribbon: the symbol for HIV/AIDS awareness

Thank you to all 1,477 participants who completed our survey about tattoos and piercings. Campaign image of two people with tattoos

Your responses will help us better support you to find safe ways to express yourself through body art.

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