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March is Nutrition Month and each year it reminds us that healthy eating is important to our overall health and well-being. However, you can access these resources year-round to help you make healthier choices for you and your family. Family cooking in a kitchen

Community Food Advisors are trained volunteers who share their love of food and knowledge about healthy eating, food preparation, food storage, and safe food handling with their community. They provide presentations, food demonstrations, and information to community groups, organizations, and workplaces. 

Presentation topics include:

  • Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide
  • Cooking for one
  • Cost-effective healthy eating
  • Quick and easy meals
  • Menu planning
  • Cooking with vegetables and fruits

EatRight Ontario allows you to ask nutrition-related questions and get answers from a registered dietitian by phone or email. It also offers tools, resources, and recipes to support you in developing healthy eating habits.

Dietitians of Canada has useful tools and science-based information you can trust.

Follow Public Health on Twitter to get daily nutrition tips throughout the month of March or search for #nutritionmonth.

February 28, 2014 is the last day to enter the Canadian Cancer Society’s Driven to Quit Challenge. If you’re planning to quit smoking, or have recently quit, you can register at for a chance to win a grand prize of a car and other cash prizes, in addition to winning many health benefits.

You could also win $100 for being a quitter’s support buddy.

In 2012, over 970 people in the Wellington, Dufferin, and Guelph areas pledged to be a part of The Challenge and be smoke-free for the month of March.

Visit to get started!

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With severe weather on the way there is the possibility of flooding and power failures. Both can make your food unsafe to eat.

Flood water can carry dirt, raw sewage, oil, or chemical waste. Any food that comes into contact with flood water should be thrown out.

If your food establishment/business is flooded, call us to seek assistance. A flood-damaged food premise cannot re-open until the public health inspector gives permission in writing.

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These short videos answer those questions so you can help your body help itself.

Are vaccines safe?

How do vaccines work?

Why is an immunization schedule important?

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