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With severe weather on the way there is the possibility of flooding and power failures. Both can make your food unsafe to eat.

Flood water can carry dirt, raw sewage, oil, or chemical waste. Any food that comes into contact with flood water should be thrown out.

If your food establishment/business is flooded, call us to seek assistance. A flood-damaged food premise cannot re-open until the public health inspector gives permission in writing.

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These short videos answer those questions so you can help your body help itself.

Are vaccines safe?

How do vaccines work?

Why is an immunization schedule important?

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The session, scheduled for tonight (Wednesday, February 5) at the Shelldale Centre in Guelph has been cancelled due to the weather.

To check additional dates in other cities or to sign up, visit the Wee Talk website.

The Board of Health meeting scheduled for Wednesday, February 5, 2014 has been cancelled.

The next meeting is scheduled for March 5, 2014.

Board of Health meetings